Saturday, 29 January 2011

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The end of this week I've really been struck hard by the flu, I'm currently writing this while being bed bound and running a fever. One of the plus points of being bed bound, is the fact I've had a lot of time to catch up on the latest updates to my blogroll. With plenty of my time on my hands I though I'd share some of the highlights with you.

One of the big releases of the past week was Topps supreme, while supreme is a bit out of my price range I've found a couple of great reviews both at A Cardboard Problem and Enough already. It however doesn't appear to be all rosey with Topps supreme, it looks as though they're using slightly different card designs to give cards lower numberings again.

I do like many collectors out there find myself becoming very critical of Panini, they do seem have a habit of flooding the market with similar products (the fact plates and patches started life as an insert in a different product is a great example of this), and having somewhat questionable design choices sometimes. However I do think they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition when it comes to digital marketing and being in touch with customers, something fleshed out a lot more in this post from collectors crack.

Talking of Panini being under fire, a member of blowout cards forum recently claimed to have received a 1/1 Sam Bradford auto (and other amazing cards) as a replacement for redemptions. If you haven't heard about it this is a great place to start. Steven at sports card file put up a really interesting post about how something like this could happen.

Colby at cardboard collections is putting together a great group break which is definitely worth checking out .
As always Colin and Ryan at the sports card radio forum a putting together some awesome contests.

Hopefully service will resume as normal next week, as I have quite a few packs to break and some maildays to post about.

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  1. Hey hope your feeling better soon. And congrats on being a finalist in my contest, and plugging my blog. Good luck and Go Pack!!!!!