Wednesday, 19 January 2011

eBay on the cheap

These are some cards I found for around $1 on eBay. I really wanted the Marshall Faulk patch, and the seller did really good shipping, so I thought I might as well pick up some of their other lots at a really cheap price.

Byron Leftwich, Patch from 2007 Ultimate Collection, 67/99
I have a bit of a soft spot for Byron Leftwich, he's always been a solid backup when the Steelers have needed him, and this is just a great looking four colour patch (almost five, there's a tiny bit of white in the right hand corner)

Dunta Robinson, Rookie Auto from 2004 SP Authentic, 252/990
Still one of the highest paid CB's in the league. His absence in the Texan's secondary has been obvious this season. A very nice on card auto of a NFL starter.

Mohamed Massaquoi, Patch and ball from 2009 Gridiron gear 47/50
Massaquoi has become a starter in the Browns offense, and despite having a couple of unspectacular seasons is still expected to become a solid starter in the league.

Marshall Faulk, Patch from 2005 Ultimate Collection 02/50
And the card that started it all off. I couldn't resist a low numbered patch card from a future hall of famer.

Over all I'm happy with the cards and what I paid for them. I do think in future I need to be slightly more focussed in my collecting, but for now am happy picking up nice cards at even better prices.


  1. Wow did you really get most of those for close to a buck? That's freakin incredible, screw focus when you can pick up great stuff like that for so cheap. Plus it makes great trade bait for stuff you do want!!!

  2. yep, the listings finished at a really odd time in the US which is why I think I was able to pick them up super cheap.