Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bang for my buck

This is another post of cards that I've managed to find for less than a $ on eBay. There's aren't quite as good as my last pick ups, or the ones that should be in the post.

Arrelious Benn. Topps 2010, Jersey


Lee Evans, Topps 2010, Jersey

Jason Pierre-Paul, Topps 2010, Black Rookie 

Pat White, Sage, Autograph 196/400

Derek Anderson, Sage red

Ronnie Brown, Sage Silver

Jonathan Dwyer, Press Pass 2010, Auto 26/199

Eric Decker, Press Pass 2010, Auto

Zac Robinson. Press Pass 2010, Auto

Zac Robinson, Press Pass 2010, Auto 16/99

Freddie Barnes, Press Pass 2010, Auto

Dorin Dickerson, Press Pass 2010, Auto

A lot of rookies that are yet to prove themselves, and some pro's that are yet to really prove themselves either. While my collecting is yet to really focus itself I'm happy to pick up bundles of 'Hits' for less than a dollar each.

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