Saturday, 15 January 2011

Playoff Predictions

Ravens 14 - Steelers 17

Hopefully it's going to live up to it's billing of a good old fashioned hard hitting game. With the Ravens offense sputtering, and their defense not quite as dominant this year, I think the Steelers are going to win this by a whisker.

NFC Divisional Game 1, Sat 8 ET

Packers 31 - Falcons 17

The Packers are starting to look sharp at just the right time, and if the manage to get a running game again this week I think they could be too much for the Falcons.

NFC Divisional Game 2, Sun 1 ET

Seahawks 20 - Bears 24

Despite the Bears having a lot better regular season record this is game I'm least sure about. The Bears defence started to show some holes towards the end of the regular season, and the Seahawks won the first time these two teams met. Seattle could turn out to be the real surprise team of the playoffs.

AFC Divisional Game 2, Sun 4:30 ET

Jets 14 - Patriots 34

The war of the words finally hits the field, and I think it's going to be an extremely one sided game. The Pats defense have been quietly dominant towards the end of the season, and the jets offense hasn't been much to write home about this year. Look for Tom Brady to show off what made him this years MVP against an overrated Jets D.

Hope everyone has a great playoff weekend

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