Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Something seems amiss

I'm still relatively new to the concept of how products are put together, but something piqued my interest when watching the production line video of National Treasures Football that Panini posted on their blog last night.

At 4:52 the camera hovers on a patch card of Steve McNair that's waiting for an autograph. Now this is where things seemed a little odd to me. I assume that the autograph will be sticker and not cut, but Steve McNair passed away in July of 2009, so we can assume that the autographs being used weren't originally intended for this product. I'm not sure whether it's common practice for companies to hold back reels of sticker autograph's to use in multiple sets, but it must have done so in this case. I'm sure many Titans fans are excited about having a chance to pull an amazing looking cards of one of the best players in franchise history, for me however it get me questioning whether other auto's in this set (and other sets) are simply left overs from other products. Don't get me wrong I love the look of this set, but for such a high price I would expect more than left over sticker autograph's, then again this could be common practice that I'm just not aware of yet. I have tweeted Track Heckler to ask where the McNair autograph's came from, but at the time of writing this I haven't received a response. If this is a one off it's understandable, but for such a premium product to simply be using run off stickers (and this possibly affecting the checklist and design of the cards) seems a bit lazy to me.

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