Friday, 18 February 2011

Rush of gold

Today Panini released a video of the first of their golden ticket cards from 2010 Playoff contenders being redeemed in person. The Mark Sanchez variation of the card was redeemed by Dallas-area collector Michael Keller yesterday. In the video Tracey Hackler (marketing manager for Panini America) also confirms that the Troy Aikman, and Brett Favre variations of the solid gold have also been redeemed, added to this are new listings for the Eli Manning and Chris Johnsons on eBay. The Eli Manning card being the only one with the fixed price, listed at $1,500. At time of writing the highest bid for the Aaoron Rodgers was at $2,025, with 3 and a half days left on the auction. Though the design on the cards may be reasonably simplistic, the idea of owning some of the first solid gold football cards appears to be driving the prices sky high. Below is the video post on Panini America's blog.

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