Thursday, 17 February 2011

A long lost of short prints

Yesterday night details of the short prints in Panini's latest release of Playoff Contenders Football became available online (the full list can be seen at the bottom of this post). I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed and a little bit disappointed. I like the idea of players having short print cards of them in their alternate/throwback jerseys, and my initial impression was that was what Panini was going to do with this release, however that's not the case. As you'll see from the list at the bottom of the page some of the variations are as simplistic as a player having the ball in the other hand, or the player standing in a different position. I personally think this is a bit of a squandered opportunity, I can't see many collectors chasing short prints because a player has the ball in different hands. I hope in future that Panini takes this idea further and has all the players in alternate jerseys for short prints next year.

Keeping on the theme of Playoff Contenders Football, someone has already pulled a redemption card of the Aaron Rodgers version of the much talked about gold ticket card. The card is now listed on eBay and looks set to easily break the $1,000 card.

2010 Panini Contenders Football
RPS Rookie Ticket Autographs
- Some Feature On Card Autographs -
-184 Jermaine Gresham
(White Jersey SP)
201 Andre Roberts
(White Jersey SP)
202 Armanti Edwards
(Black Jersey SP)
203 Arrelious Benn
(White Jersey SP)
204 Ben Tate
(Facing Forward SP)
205 Brandon LaFell
(Running With Ball SP)
206 CJ Spiller
(Blue Jersey SP)
207 Colt McCoy
(Brown Jersey SP)
208 Damian Williams
(Blue Jersey SP)
209 DeMaryius Thomas
(Blue Jersey SP)
210 Dexter McCluster
(Red Jersey SP)
211 Dez Bryant
(White Jersey SP)
212 Emmanuel Sanders
(Black Jersey SP)
213 Eric Berry
(Left Arm Covers # SP)
214 Eric Decker
(Orange Jersey SP)
215 Gerald McCoy
(White Jersey SP)
216 Golden Tate
(Left Leg Covers Name SP)
217 Jahvid Best
(Blue Jersey SP)
219 Jimmy Clausen
(Black Jersey SP)
220 Joe McKnight
(Green Jersey SP)
222 Jordan Shipley
(White Jersey SP)
223 Marcus Easley
(Ball In Right Hand SP)
224 Mardy Gilyard
(Left Hand Out SP)
225 Mike Kafka
(Green Jersey SP)
226 Mike Williams (Exch)
227 Montario Hardesty
(Ball Covers Numbers SP)
228 Ndamukong Suh
(White Jersey SP)
229 Rob Gronkowski
(White Jersey SP)
230 Rolondo McClain
(Hands Above Waist SP)
231 Ryan Matthews
(Facing Forward SP)
232 Sam Bradford
(Both Hands On Ball SP)
233 Taylor Price
(Ball In Right Hand SP)
234 Tim Tebow
(White Jersey SP)
235 Toby Gerhart
(Ball High On Chest SP)

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