Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Panini Responds

So Panini has finally put out a statement about the Bradford 1/1 card, and while it makes, I still find my self not completely satisfied. The full statement can be found here, but the short of it is that the card was pulled for a box opened for quality control purposes, and then found it's way to customer services instead of being repackaged. While the reason it turned up makes sense, the fact that Panini would be doing quality control to late to have it repackaged doesn't. I think we are also forgetting that the person who posted this also claims that he was sent other cards with really low serial number, and if I remember correctly another 1/1. Did these come the same way? If so how come Panini seems to have a lot more luck ripping boxes than you or I?


  1. I remember there being a Brady auto/jersey numbered to 5 I'm not sure about the basketball one. And while I'm glad Panini responded to this, something we'd never see from Topps, and probably not UD, it seems like a cop out. I understand the their need for replacement cards ect, and the guy who posted the card never said what he was suppose to get before the swap, he did mention it like 12 cards or something like that and who knows maybe it was a fair trade. I know the dude ain't complaining. Seems like the response was a typical PR corperate boilerplate response but at least they said something.

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